Thursday, December 27, 2012

39th Post!

One of my favorite subjects to draw and paint are geisha girls (and samurai). A couple weeks ago I sketched this out and finally got around to finishing it over the Christmas holiday. not very Christmas-y I know.

here's the finished oil painting on 12x16 illustration board.
and the steps...
Sketched in Photoshop (and after not saving for awhile, got this message). Ugh! photoshop rarely crashes on me, so I've gotten out of the habit of saving every few minutes. sigh. luckily I did a 'print screen' before it totally died on me, so I was able to still use the low res image to work from.
I then printed out the image and using graphite transfer paper put it onto the pre-gessoed illustration board. (I put the layers of gesso on pretty thick to give it a nice painterly feel).
Then I started painting...
I didn't take too many photos of the progess at this stage...sorry :).
and the finished photo here:

Monday, December 17, 2012

38th Post!

In the spirit of the end of the world...(that's still happening, right?)

first up, the digital sketch in photoshop...

next up the pencils (done with col-erase pencils)
then I did some inking...

and finally some colors. Copic Markers on our model and watercolors for the zombies.
Hope everyone has a nice apocalypse!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

37th Post!

Marvel's X-23. 9x12 with water soluble oils and acrylic
Digital sketch in photoshop
col-erase pencils before painting

and more sketch cover fun with Batman #0
This time with Gotham's bad girls. (done with Copic Markers)