Sunday, April 21, 2013

52nd Post!

I've been slow on the updates lately...sorry! The Brandi Bare kickstarter project has kept me busy lately.

Here's some new art that I've finished up for it.

Color versions of the postcard sets I created for the backers of the project.

See the earlier posts for the pencil versions of them. (These were colored in Photoshop and Painter.)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

51st Post!

Today is last day of the Brandi Bare Kickstarter. And I've been amazed by how it's turned out! can't thank everyone enough!
Here's some new art of the most recent stretch goal that was reached (2 sets of 4 postcard themed pinups)
The first one's theme is 'Bedtime'. They'll all be colored eventually, but just Brandi's is colored for now.
the other theme was 'Phoning it in'. Featuring the time-honored tradition of girls taking pictures of themselves with their cel phones! where would the internet be without that?!
They'll all be digitally colored eventually and printed and mailed to backers of the Brandi Bare kickstarter that qualified with their pledges.