Friday, June 29, 2012

11th Post!

A couple more Heroes Con commissions...
Power Girl...the only inked piece I did at the show and I must admit I had fun with it. I'd like to do more inked pieces some day. Ink 11x17

Psi Judge Anderson. I love the Judge Dredd universe. I used to read 2000 A.D all the time (well, depending on who did the art usually). But this was the first time I've drawn Judge Anderson. (bigger than normal chest was requested ;)) Copic Markers 11x17
Wonder Woman in her regular costume. watercolor 9x12
And a nurse...I actually started this before Heroes Con just for fun, then once the con started never had a chance to get back to it. finally finished it up at home. Copics 11x17

Monday, June 25, 2012

10th post!

Back from Heroes Con and thought I'd post a few photos I took of some of the commissions I did this weekend.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the table to chat, get sketches, look at art or just in general creeped me out :).

and thanks to Gene Gonzales for driving us to Charlotte and back and for introducing me to Bojangles and their Bo' Berry biscuits. If i ever have to choose a last meal, it's gonna be those for sure!

anyway, onto some art... :)
Marvel's X-23 (for Jarryd)
DC's Scarecrow (for Doug)...and yes, it was fun to draw something a little different this time :)

and Dean Yeagle's Mandy (for John.)

all of these were done in watercolor. I'll post a few more through out the week, some with copics, ink, etc...

oh, and here's a progress shot from the 9th post (supergirl and batgirl) that was for the Heroes Con Auction.

it was great seeing everyone at the show!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

9th Post

a little something for Heroes Con...
watercolor 13"x19"

Batgirl/Supergirl copyright DC comics

Monday, June 18, 2012

8th Post!

This one is not quite a commission, but it's Heroes Con related. My portfolio is dreadfully empty, so in an effort to make it worth looking thru at the show, I wanted to do a couple new pieces for it. First up is G.I. Joe's Baroness.
                                                        she's on 11x17 bristol paper.

2 of my favorite things to draw here...girls and guns. Some people are addicted to things like heroine or smoking. I enjoy playing first person shooters...way too much. So if I don't have time to play a game (like Battlefield current addiction), I'll draw it out :) (btw, she's holding a P-90 and a Glock 18)
and just for fun, here's some process shots...first a quick digital rough in photoshop...
then I clean up the rough sketch (while still working in photoshop)
then that gets printed out and using a lightbox I do the actual pencils on real paper. (blue and red col-erase)
which then gets inked (see first image). Actually at this stage I wasn't sure if I was going to do it in color or just ink...which is why I used the red col-erase in spots. But I decided to go ahead with just ink for a more graphical approach..

Saturday, June 16, 2012

7th Post!

Since I'll be at HeroesCon next week, thought I'd start posting some of the commissions that were set up ahead of time.  (I'll still be doing sketches at the if I remember to take pictures of them I'll post those next week.)

Here's DC's Huntress.

11"x14" Copic Markers with watercolor background.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

6th post!

Sketch Cards! thought I'd post a few of the sketch card Artist Proofs I've done.

A few Phoenix ones...

Black Cat...


 Luke Cage vs. Rhino!

 and finishing it off with some girls at the Beach :)

(oh, and these were all done with acrylic paint.)

Friday, June 8, 2012

5th Post!

For today's post I thought I'd show a couple steps from a Hawkgirl commission (based off the Justice League cartoon look).
(unfortunately I didn't take any progress shots of the actual painting, sorry!)

first up, digital sketch. drawn completely in photoshop.
next, I print out the sketch. Then I use a lightbox to trace the pencils off the printed piece. making adjustments here and there.
Then we just add some paint...acrylic in this case, and ta-da!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4th Post!

Here's a couple sketches I did at Free Comic Book Day last month in Jacksonville, Fl at Gotham City Limits.

DC's Huntress
 and Jinx from G.I. Joe (who I wasn't familiar with...and I was a pretty big G.I. Joe fan growing up.)
I was asked to put her in the classic coppertone ad with Snake Eyes' wolf.
both were done with Copic Markers

And since it's Wednesday, that means I post new art on The 2 Point Perspective Blog
Here's the pencils for the piece I posted there. (so go check it out!)
DC's Mary Marvel done with col-erase pencils on watercolor paper.

Monday, June 4, 2012

3rd Post!

I thought I'd put together a little walk through on how I created the Gotham Bad Girls girls commission I posted on the first day of the blog. (here)

I first did a few sketches with different ideas. These were all created digitally in photoshop.

After the first image was selected I went ahead and tightened up the sketch (still in photoshop).
The following step was added just so I could get a feel for each character and make sure things weren't too confusing. I usually only do this on multiple character pieces.
Then we get to the actual pencils. Drawn with my favorite pencils, col-erase pencils (red, blue and purple). Not as messy as graphite and I just like having some color on there for when I move to the color stage.
Now the coloring stage. This piece was colored with Copic Markers and some white colored pencil and a touch of white acrylic here and there for highlights.
Next shot shows where I was asked if it was possible to make Catwoman's goggles Red instead of Green. Which worked out rather well (even if I wasn't completely sure it would work :))
I was also asked if I could make her catsuit black instead of purple. Which ended up being an easy fix. Usually when working on a commission with a character that's had multiple looks I usually ask ahead of time if there's a preference for a certain costume. This time I forgot. doh! But it all worked out so no problems. whew!

And here's the final photo before I went ahead and scanned it. (see first blog post for that version)

anyway, hope you enjoy the look behind the scenes. and maybe one of these days I'll do a progress shot on a watercolor piece.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

2nd post!

Finishing up my last outstanding commission on my list today. so thought i'd post a couple other recent commissions.

First up is a 9x12 Death (done with copic markers on her, and watercolor for the background).

Next is an 11x17 X-Mas themed  pinup (copic markers with watercolor background). Featuring my character Brandi Bare and a friend. I realize we're no where near christmas, but it's never too early to start (un)dressing for it. right?