Monday, June 18, 2012

8th Post!

This one is not quite a commission, but it's Heroes Con related. My portfolio is dreadfully empty, so in an effort to make it worth looking thru at the show, I wanted to do a couple new pieces for it. First up is G.I. Joe's Baroness.
                                                        she's on 11x17 bristol paper.

2 of my favorite things to draw here...girls and guns. Some people are addicted to things like heroine or smoking. I enjoy playing first person shooters...way too much. So if I don't have time to play a game (like Battlefield current addiction), I'll draw it out :) (btw, she's holding a P-90 and a Glock 18)
and just for fun, here's some process shots...first a quick digital rough in photoshop...
then I clean up the rough sketch (while still working in photoshop)
then that gets printed out and using a lightbox I do the actual pencils on real paper. (blue and red col-erase)
which then gets inked (see first image). Actually at this stage I wasn't sure if I was going to do it in color or just ink...which is why I used the red col-erase in spots. But I decided to go ahead with just ink for a more graphical approach..