Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4th Post!

Here's a couple sketches I did at Free Comic Book Day last month in Jacksonville, Fl at Gotham City Limits.

DC's Huntress
 and Jinx from G.I. Joe (who I wasn't familiar with...and I was a pretty big G.I. Joe fan growing up.)
I was asked to put her in the classic coppertone ad with Snake Eyes' wolf.
both were done with Copic Markers

And since it's Wednesday, that means I post new art on The 2 Point Perspective Blog
Here's the pencils for the piece I posted there. (so go check it out!)
DC's Mary Marvel done with col-erase pencils on watercolor paper.


  1. That Huntress is adorable! Jinx was not a very high profile character. At least not until "GI Joe: The Movie." Love her sketch!

    1. thanks shane! is that where she was from? I don't remember much from that movie.

    2. That was her big role. She was a background character in the comics. Hama used her a little in Special Missions.

  2. All great pieces,but the Mary Marvel is especially cute !