Saturday, June 2, 2012

2nd post!

Finishing up my last outstanding commission on my list today. so thought i'd post a couple other recent commissions.

First up is a 9x12 Death (done with copic markers on her, and watercolor for the background).

Next is an 11x17 X-Mas themed  pinup (copic markers with watercolor background). Featuring my character Brandi Bare and a friend. I realize we're no where near christmas, but it's never too early to start (un)dressing for it. right?



  1. Joe
    Just curious, about how long did it take you to do the Death piece? And Brandi Bare is your creation?

    1. the actual drawing/painting of death took a few days. I usually like to leave a day or two between pencils and painting. Just to see if there's anything that needs tweaking after a few days of not looking at it. the whole time for the commission took a little while longer because I got swamped with freelance work at the same time. (like the Alice cover in the first post :))

      and yes, Brandi Bare is mine (along with Jeff Outlaw who helped me with the writing). I'd like to do more with her one of these days (two comics done so far), just gotta find the time :)

  2. You have an amazing painting style. I just love it