Monday, June 25, 2012

10th post!

Back from Heroes Con and thought I'd post a few photos I took of some of the commissions I did this weekend.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the table to chat, get sketches, look at art or just in general creeped me out :).

and thanks to Gene Gonzales for driving us to Charlotte and back and for introducing me to Bojangles and their Bo' Berry biscuits. If i ever have to choose a last meal, it's gonna be those for sure!

anyway, onto some art... :)
Marvel's X-23 (for Jarryd)
DC's Scarecrow (for Doug)...and yes, it was fun to draw something a little different this time :)

and Dean Yeagle's Mandy (for John.)

all of these were done in watercolor. I'll post a few more through out the week, some with copics, ink, etc...

oh, and here's a progress shot from the 9th post (supergirl and batgirl) that was for the Heroes Con Auction.

it was great seeing everyone at the show!