Friday, June 29, 2012

11th Post!

A couple more Heroes Con commissions...
Power Girl...the only inked piece I did at the show and I must admit I had fun with it. I'd like to do more inked pieces some day. Ink 11x17

Psi Judge Anderson. I love the Judge Dredd universe. I used to read 2000 A.D all the time (well, depending on who did the art usually). But this was the first time I've drawn Judge Anderson. (bigger than normal chest was requested ;)) Copic Markers 11x17
Wonder Woman in her regular costume. watercolor 9x12
And a nurse...I actually started this before Heroes Con just for fun, then once the con started never had a chance to get back to it. finally finished it up at home. Copics 11x17


  1. Looks like you were kept busy doing great stuff!


    1. yeah, HeroesCon is always a fun show. one of the few cons I still go to these days.

  2. Fantastic work! Power Girl and the Nurse are my favorites of the bunch!