Monday, June 4, 2012

3rd Post!

I thought I'd put together a little walk through on how I created the Gotham Bad Girls girls commission I posted on the first day of the blog. (here)

I first did a few sketches with different ideas. These were all created digitally in photoshop.

After the first image was selected I went ahead and tightened up the sketch (still in photoshop).
The following step was added just so I could get a feel for each character and make sure things weren't too confusing. I usually only do this on multiple character pieces.
Then we get to the actual pencils. Drawn with my favorite pencils, col-erase pencils (red, blue and purple). Not as messy as graphite and I just like having some color on there for when I move to the color stage.
Now the coloring stage. This piece was colored with Copic Markers and some white colored pencil and a touch of white acrylic here and there for highlights.
Next shot shows where I was asked if it was possible to make Catwoman's goggles Red instead of Green. Which worked out rather well (even if I wasn't completely sure it would work :))
I was also asked if I could make her catsuit black instead of purple. Which ended up being an easy fix. Usually when working on a commission with a character that's had multiple looks I usually ask ahead of time if there's a preference for a certain costume. This time I forgot. doh! But it all worked out so no problems. whew!

And here's the final photo before I went ahead and scanned it. (see first blog post for that version)

anyway, hope you enjoy the look behind the scenes. and maybe one of these days I'll do a progress shot on a watercolor piece.



  1. So, the fourth picture is the first hard copy after printing out on computer? Did you do the Roughs on computer? Amazing!

  2. yes, i forgot to mention that step! once the rough sketch is done, I print that out and using a lightbox, trace the pencils onto the paper. (well it's more involved than just 'tracing' but you get the idea :))

    and yes, all roughs are done on the computer. speeds up the process a little and saves some paper. :)

  3. I really like the walk through! Thank you for sharing your secrets!