Friday, July 6, 2012

13th Post!

Thought I'd post a few images from a recent commission. I just had a headshot of a photo to work with for reference, but it was a lot of fun. The final painting was 18"x24", I haven't painted anything that large in a long time.
Started out the usual way, did a digital sketch in photoshop (did a few different poses but this was the one we settled on):
Next up was the pencils. Since I knew going in we wanted to keep the color range in the pinks and purples, I did the pencils in purple col-erase pencil.
Then onto the painting. I had planned on taking some in progress photos and promptly forgot :(.
The when I had the painting finished, took a quick photo with my camera. I had also planned on taking a better picture...but realized that after I had mailed out the art. doh!
Final painting was acrylic paint on illustration board.


  1. Joe, WOW, I am very impressed! Would be neat to see the photo reference,boy understand this may be private. Do you often do commissions or personal work based on photos?


    1. Thanks Gary. I do commissions based on photos of people from time to time. I usually don't post those, but this time I asked if it was ok and they didn't mind :)

  2. This came out really great, Joe. I remember you showing me the roughs, nice to see the finish.