Monday, October 1, 2012

26th Post!

More Cowgirl art...

This is a remake of sorts of an earlier piece I posted with her and a pull toy type horse. Which seemed fun, but I really wanted to draw more horses, so...this is the updated image.

And here's a panel from the in-progress comic with her. I'll be posting more info on this book as I get it completed, but for now here's a little preview...

and now a watercolor piece featuring another character from the story (and a variation on her design that I posted a couple weeks ago...clearly it wasn't skimpy enough for me to draw ;))

First up, the digital sketch (which I may digitally color someday just to see how it turns out).
 then col-erase pencils...

                               finally, watercolors (and some white acrylic paint here and there.)
Hope you enjoy!