Monday, September 24, 2012

25th Post!

The Stereotypical Freaks...

This is what I spent a lot of 2011 and 2012 working on. The Stereotypical Freaks is a 140 page graphic novel written by Howard Shapiro and drawn by me, with lettering by Ed Brisson.

It will be available Nov. 14th at and other book shops/comic shops.

It's a story about 4 high school students that form a band to take part in their school's Battle of the Bands. The story actually goes beyond that as one of the characters gets some news that changes everyone's lives. (I really enjoyed reading the story as I worked on if nothing else, pick it up because it's a great read.)

Here's the cover image (with and without logo. Drawn and colored by me.)

The following are a few examples of pages from the book.

So there's a peek at the story and art (and lettering!) for the book.

You can pre-order it on right now.

(Oh, and if you do pre-order it you'll get a limited edition poster and if you do pre-order, send an email to:  and let them know you pre-ordered and they'll get you taken care of :))

Hope you enjoy the book when it comes's the largest comics related project I've worked on to date and it was a ton of fun.


  1. Sweet. Looks great. I'll get it at amazon now. Thanks for sharing, Joe.


    1. Thanks Chris! if you pre-order, send an email here: and let them know you pre-ordered to get the poster and book mark. (just updated the post to put that info there)