Thursday, September 6, 2012

22nd Post!

Cover for Zenescope's 'Irresistible #2'. This is their exclusive Baltimore Comic Con cover. So if you're at the show, pick it up! :)

And here's the process for those interested...

First up (as always) are the thumbnails (drawn in photoshop). The general idea of the cover was two cheerleaders looking seductively at you (the viewer).
Then I did a cleaned up sketch (still using only Photoshop).
Next up are the pencils (blue, red and purple col-erase).
(I was asked to change the brunette's hand position before I got to the pencil stage...that's why I do the cleaned up digital sketch. It's always easier to make changes there as opposed to erasing the pencils and redrawing.)

It was here that I also decided to change the logos to just 'Z' and 'U' instead of Zen U...(for Zenescope University of course!). After looking thru tons of cheerleader uniforms for reference (life is rough ;)) it seemed the simpler the logo the better.

Then I started the colors in photoshop, and here's a few in progress shots...
It was here that I figured I should change the colors of the uniforms to red instead of green. The red will pop the girls out a bit more...warm colors (like the red) move forward, cold colors (the green) recede. Even though I still like the girls in the green personally ;)


  1. Hi Joe, I don't have the chance to get to the Baltimore Comic Con - :-( - But I can say *aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuu