Friday, September 14, 2012

23rd Post!

Cowgirl time!

I've always liked drawing cowgirls...loved cowboy movies as a kid. I watched any and all John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies I could find on tv, but once I saw The Wild Bunch when I was a little older, that solidified Westerns as my favorite genre for years. So whenever I get a chance (or think to) draw a cowgirl, I like to have fun with it.

Here's a few images for a little project I'm hoping to keep running with. (fingers crossed knowing my attention span).
 and a close up just for fun.
 In the next sketch I decided to give her a real horse, just because it's been ages since I've drawn one and could use the practice :)
 I may not stick with these colors for the horse...we'll see how it goes.
Just thought I'd post a few in the hopes that it'll keep me motivated to keep going with this and develop it further.

anyway, hope you like what you see :)

(and these were drawn then scanned and then digitally colored in Photoshop)


  1. I definitely like this concept. Keep the cow girls coming!

    1. Thanks Tom! I'll have some more art posted of her (and friends) soon!