Monday, September 17, 2012

24th Post!

So what's with the cowgirl I've been drawing lately?

I've drawn her a few times over the years, and always wanted to do more with her (she's fun to draw!). A few older images are on my Deviant Art page.
Early Drawing
Slightly more 'realistic' version

Lately I've been working on the 3rd issue of my Brandi Bare comic, but I've gotten sidetracked with another story I've wanted to do with this cowgirl.

It's all still in the early stages of development but I thought it would be fun to post progress images as it comes together.

Now, I had to draw the back of her costume for once, right? ;)

 And this is one of the supporting characters. Because I needed a reason to draw more geisha girls :)
All the images I've drawn for the cowgirl have been digitally colored so far. I wanted to try my hand at a watercolor version of her.
This was a photo because my scanner can't handle those shades of pink and purple that I love, as it tends to wash out those bright colors.

hope you enjoy the peek into my process.



  1. Nice. More cowgirls! I am definitely interested in seeing the results of this cowgirl project.

    I was going to suggest that you draw a team of cowgirls, each of a different ethnic type, such as an Asian. I see you already thought of that, with the Gunnin' Geisha Gal.

    Perhaps the blonde cowgirl sheriff you drew earlier is also a part of this project? Or am I asking too much? :)

    1. Thanks Tom! and yes more cowgirls (and cowboys) will be on the way. :)