Tuesday, January 15, 2013

42nd Post!

Here's a commission I recently finished.

She's based off an anime character...whose name I can't remember right now :).
Art was done with acrylics and watercolor. 11x17 on comic art paper

Started with the digital sketch...
then printed that out and using my lightbox, traced it onto the 11x17 paper. (using col-erase pencils, of course)
and here's a few photos of the painting in progress...

and a close up of the finished piece (the pink in the background is a favorite color of mine, but it's too bright for the scanner to pick up).


  1. Nice artwork, as usual.

    Just so you know: I do like seeing your sequence of images where you start with the sketch, then apply details and color to the final image. I find it interesting to see how good art is done.


    1. Thanks Tom! glad you enjoy seeing the progress shots :)