Tuesday, January 29, 2013

44th Post!

Some recent Artist Proof sketch cards from a few different Marvel card sets...

Black Widow:Pencils and colors (copics)
Clea: Pencils and colors (acrylic paint)
Silver Sable: Pencils, paint progress and a photo
Titania and Magik (Darkchylde version): Pencils and colors (Acrylic and copics)
Colleen Wing and Misty Knight: Pencils and colors (Copics)
Tigra and Thing: Pencils and Colors (Copics)
Dark Phoenix: Pencils, Inks, Colors (Copics)

Warrior Woman and Malice (Sue Storm as a bad girl!): Pencils and Colors (Copics)

whew! I think that's all of the recents AP I've done (that have been approved).

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