Friday, August 10, 2012

18th Post!

Here's my contribution to Bad Axe Studios upcoming sketch card set called Bombshells. This is my art for one of the base cards.

first up is the quick digital rough sketch (photoshop)...had the basic idea in my head of a 60's type theme mixed with modern looking military costumes.

I then let it sit for a couple weeks and when I came back to it I refined a bit more...(still in photoshop)

Next step was something I don't always do. Some rough colors in photoshop. Since I knew I wanted to color it with markers, thought I'd put down some colors just to give myself a guide.

Then printed out the rough and using a lightbox transferred the pencils to 11x17 bristol (using col-erase pencils.)
The final colors were done with Copic Markers and just a touch of photoshop cleaning up, here and there.


  1. Pretty consistent from start to finish. Do you do many sketch cards by request?


    1. I do a few now and then, but I usually prefer working bigger than sketch cards if I have a choice :)