Tuesday, August 14, 2012

19th Post!

This is an upcoming cover for Zenescope's Halloween issue. (It's already been shown in Previews for this month so I figured I'd post it here.)

and here's some progress shots...first up, digital layouts (in Photoshop)
as you can see by the final up above, it was decided to go with 'B' (just flipped Alice to the pose she had in 'A')
Then I went in and did a cleaned up sketch in photoshop...still all digital at this point)
Then (and if you've followed my other posts, you know what's next...) I printed it out and traced the art onto 11x17 bristol paper. Drawn with my favorite col-erase pencils (blue, red and purple).
After this point it's scanned and I start coloring in Photoshop and Painter. And if you're wondering why I use col-erase pencils (I may have mentioned this in earlier posts...I use the pencil colors with my digital coloring...I'll blend the reds in the pencils with the colors I choose for the skin tones, blue in the blacks, etc. plus I like the original art to have some color to it, rather than just gray graphite.)

Here's a few progress shots of the digital coloring...

At this point I'm still in photoshop just blocking in some colors here and there and... 'rounding out' other areas (so to speak :))
and by this point I've got their cleavage all set! So I'm pretty much done at this point, right? (Don't judge me, I work on my favorite parts first ;))
moving along...and now going back and forth between Photoshop and Painter.
All of the colors are pretty much set now, it's just time for fine tuning everything.
As you can see, there's not much difference between this image and the final up top. just some minor adjustments here and there. (plus adding the much needed highlights to their chests ;))

And there we have it...Happy (early) Halloween or as I like to call this cover 'Trick or Teat'. Hope you enjoyed seeing the process.