Wednesday, August 22, 2012

20th Post!

Here's a Lady Blackhawk (from DC comics) commission.

11"x17" bristol paper, with copic markers and watercolors for the background.

Started with a few sketch ideas...(drawn in photoshop)
We decided to go with B (though it was a tough choice between B and C...which I still may draw someday). Why does she have an MP-40? just because it's a cool looking gun :) and will easily give it that WW2 era feel.

Next up is the tightened up digital pencils...(still in photoshop)
Then it's printed out and traced onto the 11x17 paper...
(and if you've been following my other posts, you know I love my  col-erase pencils.)

From here I decided to ink the skin tones (with a light brown Faber-Castell pen) and inked her uniform with a black Micron pen (01 and 08 thickness)

Then I break out the copics...

and then used watercolors for the loose feel of clouds and sky to help separate the background from the tight rendering on her. (scroll up top to see the finished piece :))


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